Local Union 9511

Supplementary By-Laws

Local Union 9511, of the United Steel, Papery and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union (“United Steelworkers”, “USW”), acknowledges the standard By-Laws for the Local Unions, as documented in the USW’s booklet of the same name.

Below captioned are the Supplementary Local Union 9511 By-Laws that are in additionto those established by the United Steelworkers International union in the above noted booklet.

By-Law 1

The regular membership meetings of Local 9511 will be held at 6:30 pm on the second Tuesday of every second or third month, as determined at the discretion of the Executive Board.

By-Law 2

A quorum for a general membership meeting of Local 9511 will be seven or more          members in good standing.  The President of the local union, or the alternate, shall make certain that a quorum is present before the meeting is called to order.

By-Law 3

As this local union has voted to affiliate itself with:  the Labour Council of Metropolitan Toronto, the Ontario Federation of Labour, the Steelworkers Toronto Area Council, the Steelworkers Building Fund, Educational Fund and Welfare Fund, the New Democratic Party, and the Toronto – Barrie Strike Fund, it is thereby instructed to pay the per capita tax regularly to the above named organizations through the Area Council.

By-Law 4

The executive board will consist of the following positions:

President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Inside Guard, Outside Guard, and Three Trustees.


By-Law 5

The Grievance Committee of Local Union 9511 shall consist of up the three members in good standing, one of whom must be the President, designate. This committee shall have been elected in accordance with the by-laws of Local Union 9511.

By-Law 6

The election of Stewards shall be held within sixty days, following the regular election of the Executive Board and the Grievance Committee.

By-Law 7

The Executive Board of the Local Union 9511 shall have the authority to request any member whom the Board deems should be present at either a Membership Grievance, or Executive Board meeting, to attend such meeting and shall have          authority to pay for the time he/she loses from work by attending such meeting, in accordance with the provisions of these By-Laws.

By-Law 8

The President shall be given out of pocket expenses of $300.00 per annum, payable semi-annually, in June and December.

By-Law 9

The By-Laws of Local Union 9511 may be changed by a two thirds majority vote of the members present at a regularly convened membership meeting.  A notice regarding the proposed changes must be posted on the Local Union 9511 notice          boards in each DEC no less than ten days prior to the meeting.  Such amendments shall become effective only after scrutiny by the By-Laws Committee and approval by the International union.

By-Law 10

All requests for money from this Local Union will have to be made in writing to any executive member at least one week prior to the next regular executive meeting.


By-Law 11

No member shall undertake expenses on behalf of the Local Union without the approval of the Executive Board or the Membership.  The Executive Board has the          authority to authorize a maximum of $300.00 for committee expenses subject to approval at the next General meeting.

By-Law 12

A) Any Local Union member who is authorized by the Membership or the Executive Board to take time off work to conduct business on behalf of the Local Union shall be paid his or her occupational straight time hourly rate but not exceeding 8.0 hours per day or 40.0 hours per week.

B) Any Local Union member who is authorized to attend Union business on behalf of the Local Union 9511 shall, after returning, take any Statutory Holiday which may have fallen during that period.

By-Law 13

       Any member who is authorized to attend Local Union business within 50 kilometers of their home DEC (omit) shall be given expenses not to exceed $35.00 per day which shall be deemed to cover the costs of meals and parking.

By-Law 14

Any member who is authorized to travel more than 50 kilometers from their home DEC shall be paid from the Local Union treasury an amount equal to the cost of economy air fare or the ground fare, as transportation expenses.

By-Law 15

Any member who uses his or her personal vehicle for authorized Local Union business shall be paid 54 cents per kilometer and/or the cost of public transit, and expenses as provided in By-Law 13.


 By-Law 16

A) Any member who is required to travel to another community on authorized union business which requires an overnight stay shall be paid the sum of no more than $60.00 from the Local Union treasury to cover the cost of daily meals, plus expenses as per By-Law 13 for the last day of business.

B) In all cases where the Local Union pays directly for the cost of overnight accommodation and meals, $15.00 per day expenses shall be paid instead of the          $60.00.  The mileage money, however, shall be paid when applicable.

By-Law 17

Executive Board members shall be paid for time lost during attendance at Executive Board Meetings and four hours travel the day before a scheduled Executive Board.

By-Law 18

      The President or appointed alternate shall attend the funeral of a fellow member, and paid for loss of wages at the straight hourly rate.  At no time will payment for attending weekend funerals be made, unless the attendee was scheduled to work.

By-Law 19

Any expenses incurred by a member of the Local Union 9511 while attending authorized union business in the U.S.A. shall be reimbursed for the difference of currencies at the current rate of exchange