Jan 23rd, 2018


As per Article 30: LABOUR/MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: the union requires two (2) representatives from local 9511 to be appointed for a 2 year term were possible, and such Committee will work in earnest and in good faith with a view to:

a) Improving labor relations;

b) Discussing ways and means by which the parties can ensure that the

company is able to deliver its services while also being efficient, viable and competitive at all times;

c) Apprising the other of problems, concerns and suggestions related to the operations of the Company and/or the workforce.

If you are interested or know of someone that is interested in being part of the LMC Committee please contact myself Local 9511 President by email malcolmal@hotmail.com before February 28th, 2018

Before you or someone you know that may be interested in being part of the LMC Committee please read Article 30 of the CBA.

In order to meet these objectives, the Labour/Management Committee will be comprised of three (3) Union representatives who are employees of the Company and three (3) representatives of the Company both of which representatives will be appointed for two (2) year term where possible.

Your Local President will be one (1) of the three (3) representing the Union as part of the Labour/Management Committee.

If anyone has any questions please contact me.

Alvin Malcolm