Duties of a Steward

The union steward will be the liaison between the membership and the United Steelworkers Local 9511 and represent all union members fairly, equally and without prejudice.

The union steward should be familiarized with the Collective Agreement to the best of his/her ability.  If in doubt regarding its content, the Union Steward should always solicit assistance from another union steward and/or executive committee member.

The union steward will make arrangements with the employer to meet with all new hires within 30 days of their starting date.

Welcome our new members.  Introduce yourself and any other union stewards or executive committee officers within your centre

Ensure the employer has issued a copy of the Collective Agreement. The union steward will review the Collective Agreement with the new hire.  Encourage the new hire to extensively review the Collective Agreement when ever possible so that they are familiar with their employment rights and entitlements. A few important areas to cover will include: 

Time lines for: Probationary Period/Seniority (hours required).

The progression in the job status with the pay increases.

Wage increases.


Informal Complaints/Grievances.

Booking Vacation and Float Holidays.

Explain the full-time employee and part-time employee Seniority List Determination and how it works.

Discuss the Heath and Safety procedures for your location.

The payment of union dues that is mandatory.

Explain the Job Posting and the Job Transfer list process for possible advancement.                                             

Explain to the new hire your roll and duties as a Union Steward and let them know your door is always open should they need any assistance. Introduce Inform new hires to our website (www.usw9511.ca) and encourage them to log on. The union steward will assist/advise and if necessary represent any member of our Local should the need arise. Should an incident and/or encounter present itself it should be brought to the union steward’s attention. It is the duty of the union steward to investigate, and if necessary, lodge an informal complaint and/or grievance.

The union steward will document all Informal complaints and grievances (with a detailed fact sheet), and fax all documents to the attention of the Local President in a timely manner. The union steward, along with the area USW Staff Representative will see the grievance through the entire process, which is outlined in the Collective Agreement.

      After exhausting the grievance process, the union steward involved in the grievance process and the USW Staff Representative will suggest to the Grievance Committee, the decision to proceed to arbitration or mediation or not.  This is crucial because the union steward and the USW Staff Representative will have the best understanding of the grievance and therefore should be in a position to critique and make the best decision to resolve the particular grievance.

      Regardless of the decision, the Union Steward and the Staff Representative must contact the Grievance Committee and inform the Executive Committee members as to what action(s) should be taken in regards to resolving this matter.  Note:  MEDIATION OR ARBITRATION MUST BE FIRST APPROVED BE THE GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE.

      If the Grievance Committee along with the union steward and the USW Staff Representative are in agreement to proceed to arbitration or mediation, the Staff Representative will then initiate the steps necessary to have the case heard by an arbitrator/mediator.  This process will also involve scheduling the arbitration/mediation to be heard in the appropriate chosen location.

      If the union steward, the USW Staff Representative and the Grievance Committee are not in agreement and the arbitration or mediation proceeding is not the best route to take in resolving the grievance, the Grievance Committee will then write a letter to the affected grievor(s) informing them of the decision.

The union steward must understand that we will encounter different issues and problems on a daily basis at each DRIVETEST Centre.  It is imperative that the President and/or Vice President be informed of any such issue and/or problem that has arisen in the workplace.  Working and thinking as a group (all stewards, the Executive Committee and USW Staff Representatives) will always out weigh that of one person.  The union steward will inform the President or Vice President in writing as soon as possible any issue and/or problem that has arisen.  If the President and Vice President cannot resolve the issue/problem, they will consult with the Executive Committee and/or the USW Staff Representatives.


The Union Steward shall perform such other duties required under the “Constitution of International Union” and as the Local Union may assign.

If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding the above-mentioned topics, please do not hesitate to call or email your Local President and/or Vice President.