Results of the USW Local 9511 Election are as follows

 Executive Officer Position     Name of Candidate and DTC       Elected by Membership

                                                                                                                    Or by Acclamation


 President                                           Alvin Malcolm – Kingston                      Elected By Members Vote


 Vice President                                  Patricia Whitehead – Windsor              By Acclamation

 Recording Secretary                        Vacant

Financial Secretary                          Marie Derane – Ottawa Walkley           By Acclamation

Treasurer                                           Chrissy McCallum – Kingston                 By Acclamation

Trustee                                               John Longley – Lindsay                            By Acclamation

Trustee                                               Vacant

Trustee                                               Vacant

Guide                                                  Vacant

Guard                                                  Michelle Pilote – London                        Elected By Members Vote

2 Positions                                          

Results of the USW Local 9511 Election are as follows

Number of                Representing DTC’s                      Name of Candidate(s)                      Elected by Membership  Stewards                                                                                 and DTC's                                         or by  Acclamation                                 




2 Stewards               Brampton/Woodbridge                                                                                     Vacant


2 Stewards               Port Union                                                                                                            Vacant


2 Stewards               Cornwall/Hawkesbury/                Marie Derane – Ottawa Walkley             By Acclamation

                                   Ottawa Walkley/Pembroke/       Corin Visinski – Pembroke                        By Acclamation

                                   Ottawa Canotek/Renfrew/



1 Steward                 Metro East                                      Shiraz Ismail – Metro East                        By Acclamation


2 Stewards               Burlington/Hamilton/                   Sandra Wood – St. Catharines                 By Acclamation

                                   Oakville/St. Catharines                 Daryl Haining – St. Catharines                  By Acclamation


1 Steward                 Downsview                                     Mark Gardner – Downsview                     By Acclamation


2 Stewards               Aurora/Barrie/Orillia/                                                                                          Vacant



1 Steward                 Lindsay/Peterborough/                John Longley – Lindsay                               By Acclamation



1 Steward                 Clinton/Owen Sound/                                                                                           Vacant



1 Steward                 Etobicoke                                                                                                                Vacant




2 Stewards            Belleville/Brockville/            Chrissy McCallum – Kingston             By Acclamation

                                   Kingston/Smith Falls            Alvin Malcolm – Kingston                   By Acclamation


1 Steward              Chatham/Sarnia/                  Patricia Whitehead – Windsor           Elected By Members

                                 Windsor                                                                                                  Vote                             


1 Steward              Guelph/Kitchener/               Jackie Craven – Guelph                        By Acclamation



1 Steward              Brantford/London/              Derek Chick – London                           Elected By Members

                                 Simcoe/Tillsonburg                                                                               Vote



1 Steward              Kirkland Lake/Timmins/      Rebecca Mainville – Timmins             By Acclamation

                                New Liskeard/North Bay


1 Steward              Espanola/Kapuskasing         Shelly Mitchell – Sudbury                   By Acclamation                

                                Sudbury/Sault Ste. Marie


1 Steward              Dryden/Fort Francis/           Marcos Larios – Thunder Bay             By Acclamation

                                 Kenora/Thunder Bay