Day One Checklist

Written by USW 9511 Admin on Monday June 22, 2020

Serco has detailed various safety measures.  If you are the health and safety rep in your office, definitely make sure you review these items in your DTC.  Some items are very important and should not be deficient.

Safety Measures Checklist

Before we get to the check list, just a couple of things to note:

  1. It is summer now.  We have not acclimatized to the heat yet.  Make sure to apply sun screen, drink lots of water, and take breaks as necessary for the bathroom or to cool down.  This is even more important for anyone working offsite, especially if you are working solo - heat related illnesses are no joke, and not having support is a huge concern.
  2. If you are working off-site, do not feel pressured to "figure something out" for yourself when it comes to cooling, water, or using the bathroom.  Head back to the office in between tests if you must.
  3. Hand hygiene is the top prevention item behind physical distancing.  Take the time to do it.  Washing with soap and water is preferred to using alcohol-based sanitizer.  CSAs should be cleaning their hands following touching an applicants documents or money, and DEs are recommended to clean their hands following each road test.

Now, onto the checklist!

Hand Hygiene

  • Availability of soap
  • Availability of alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Able to practice hand hygiene frequently
  • Availability of paper towels for hand drying
  • Hand hygiene stations placed prominently
  • Hand hygiene promotional material in place for staff and for applicants

Respiratory Hygiene

  • Availability of masks
  • Availability of face shields (or suitable eye protection)
  • Availability of facial tissue
  • Appropriate receptacles for waste

Physical Distancing

  • Staff are mindful of each other
  • Applicants are following floor markings and staff direction
  • Reduced occupancy is being followed/enforced
  • Applicants are not infringing on staff thoroughfares while queued
  • Staff breaks are sufficiently staggered to permit proper distancing when not working

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Availability of disinfectant wipes (or disinfectant spray and paper towels)
  • Staff able to clean their workstations prior to use
  • Cleaners following detailed list of cleaning tasks (which surfaces, how, order, etc)
  • DTCs being cleaned at minimum twice daily
  • Ventilation increased, and recirculation of air minimized

Management of People

  • Staff encouraged to stay home if ill
  • Supervisors are addressing visibly ill staff or applicants