Opening & Recall FAQ

Written by USW 9511 Admin on Tuesday June 16, 2020

There are some questions that are being asked pretty regularly right now, and responding to everyone is challenging.  We have put together some of the most common questions in this list.

Opening & Recall FAQ

Pertaining to June 22, 2020 Target Date

Why is DriveTest resuming service when the province is not proceeding to Phase 2 of their reopening plan in all areas?

Reopening is not dependent on any particular phase, and many non-essential businesses have been open for weeks under Phase 1.  The target date of June 22, 2020 was communicated by the MTO prior to any announcements by the Premier about any jurisdictions moving to Phase 2.

I haven’t received a notice of recall yet.  What should I do?

Not everyone is being recalled at this time.  The initial recall included all CSAs, all DE4s, and some DE3s.  Some people who are undergoing training are unlikely to be recalled until that training resumes.  Now there has been a change in the services being offered upon reopening, all CSAs and DE4s should reach out to their supervisors in case they were missed or their contact information was recorded or entered incorrectly.  Supervisors are back to work this week.

I responded to the recall notice and was told I would have to attend a training session before June 22, but haven’t heard anything or recieved a schedule for that week.  What should I do?

Anyone who does not have a training session arranged, and/or does not have their work schedule for next week should be calling their supervisor.  Supervisors were to start working again yesterday and should be in the DTCs.

Why are DE4s being called back, while DE2/DE3s are now not being called back?  Isn’t the risk the same with being inside vehicles?

Yes, in pretty much every vehicle we test in it is impossible to maintain the government’s recommended distance of 2m (6 ft) from anyone who is not in your household.  The explanation for the change from full services to limited services has been tied to the number of interactions tied to each test.  DE4s typically interact with far fewer applicants in a day compared to DE2/DE3s, so the chances of being in contact with an infected individual are smaller.  This reduction in service also will result in fewer people overall at the DTCs.  For context, DriveTest conducts roughly 100,000 road tests every month.

Are masks an acceptable alternative to proper distancing?

Everything is an evaluation of risk, and we have asked the company (and/or MTO) to provide an explanation on the differences in risk of the government’s recommended measure of maintaining a distance of 2m from anyone not in your household to that of wearing a face covering.  We do not have any explanation to pass on to members at this time, but members should demand one at their safety measures training sessions.

Will applicants be restricted from traveling to other DTCs for service?

This seems unlikely at this time.  The government is reluctant to place travel restrictions on anything even with the various areas having different Phases in different parts of the province, and we don’t expect them to make that restriction for DriveTest.  The messaging is expected to be strong on encouraging and asking people to attend their nearest DTC, and only if necessary.  Licences continue to have extended validity, so their expectation is people will not be flocking to DTCs.  We are not so optimistic.

I don’t think the safety measures are enough.  I am still worried about returning to work.

We continue to pressure the company on all safety measures.  We have not been given any advance copies of any changes to policies or procedures, and are as interested in the safety training allegedly happening this week as you are.  Once everyone has been in and seen the measures for themselves, we will be in a better position for everyone to provide further feedback and suggestions.  At your training, SPEAK UP!  The company should be hearing it from their supervisors, and not just from the Union Executive Committee.

I don’t think a particular measure will work for me.  What should I do?

You need to bring your concern to your supervisor at your safety training, and together you will need to find a solution that has about the same level of protection, but works for your situation.  If you cannot come up with a solution together, contact the Union Health and Safety Committee ( or call the Local President (Mark 647-220-2383).