Update October 19, 2018

Written by Mark Gardner - President on Friday October 19, 2018

Quick information on:

Brampton Saturday Scheduling Vote, Health & Safety Coordinator and contact email, Productivity Reports, Time Off Requests, and Auto-vacation over payments.


The members in Brampton have voted to change their Saturday Scheduling procedures to those outlined in Letter of Understanding 5 of the Collective Agreement.  It was a close vote, and is binding going forwards.  The exception for Saturday Scheduling in LOU5 now only applies to Port Union and Etobicoke.  To allow the members and company prepare for the change, we have set an implementation date for the new year.  (There should be a notice on the Union Board in Brampton, it wasn't asked to be posted anywhere else).


We have officially christened David FitzGerald as our Health & Safety Coordinator.  A memo for posting on the Union Board in all offices was sent earlier this week, and should be posted.  On this memo we have also included the new Health & Safety email address to provide a centralized spot for all concerns and questions relating to H&S.  The email address is:
Please make sure your members know about it, and send along any concerns they may be having.


Make sure you are doing your job as trained and not wasting time.  Members should be seeking the guidance of Union Stewards when discussing productivity with their supervisors.  Productivity is something that could result in discipline, and members should make sure they are understanding what is being presented to them in these meetings.  If you are in one of these meetings, require the supervisor to put in writing what you need to do to improve your productivity.  If they cannot provide specific feedback for you, make note of that on the documentation.


When submitting Time Off Request forms, make sure you are providing reasonable notice for the supervisor to review it and get it back to you.  Reasonable notice does not mean 42 days as some supervisors are claiming.  If a TOR is returned to you as "not approved," please find out the reason why and contact your Union Steward.


Some members have received letters yesterday regarding money that was incorrectly paid to them due to a payroll error.  These letters have an amount owning, and propose the company's plan to recoup that money.  The amounts and payments are apparently different for different members depending on various situations, however the employer has decided to deduct this money from upcoming pay cheques.  Unilateral deductions like this are illegal without a written agreement, and we issued the employer notice any agreements they may have made with individual employees is null and void.  This does not mean the money isn't owed to the employer, but it does mean they don't get to set the terms of repayment.  Please contact your Union Steward if you have received one of these letters.

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