Written by USW 9511 Admin on Sunday April 29, 2018

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The support structure of the union is organized into two major components, Union Stewards and Committees.

Union Stewards

Union Stewards are members who are available for you to reach out to regarding workplace concerns you may have.  Depending on the size of your office, you may have a Steward in your office, or you may share a Steward with another office (or offices).  Stewards can answer your questions, help you understand the Collective Agreement or employment laws, support you in speaking up or speak on your behalf, and file grievances with the company.  They are everyday members like yourself, but recognize the need for support and communication within our workplace and volunteer their time to help out.  Head over to the Steward Listing to find contact information to reach a Steward.

Union Steward Listing


The Local Union also has various committees to look after the interests of the members.  The most prominent committee is the Executive Committee and is tasked with the general running of the local union.  Other committees focus on issues specific to our workplace, such as the Grievance Committe, the Health and Safety Committee, the Worker's Compensation Committee, the Women of Steel, and the Human Rights Committee.  Other special committees (Bargaining, etc) are not standing committees and only exist when necessary.  For more information on each committee, follow the links below.

Executive Committee


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