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Written by USW 9511 Admin on Sunday April 29, 2018

What does the Union do?  Find out how the Union works for you, and how we can all work together for better jobs, and fairer workplaces.

Unions are presented in many different ways through the media, and people have wildly differing opinions on what Unions do and why they exist.  As members of United Steelworkers Local #9511, the benefits of being part of a Union extend to you even if you feel like you don't have direct contact with the Union.

Collective Bargaining

One major benefit to all Union members is our collective bargaining power.  USW #9511 members receive higher wages than non-unionized workplaces, and have previously enjoyed many benefits that have now become laws under the Employment Standards Act through the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act.  Many of the improvements all workers are now entitled to are the result of Unions working to continually improve conditions for their members.

Health and Safety

Another benefit of being part of a Union is the increased awareness regarding employee health and safety issues.  Unions have the network to pressure employers to fix conditions which may be hazardous to employees, and provide support for employees afraid to speak out against unsafe conditions.

Advocates for Fairness

Union members enjoy the benefit of having representatives assist them in the event of employer actions against them, such as discrimination, harassment, discipline, and termination of employement.  Members have Union support to challenge unjust decisions and speak out against unfair practices.

Workplace Democracy

USW follows the "One member, one vote" ethos, meaning that everyone has equal opportunity to affect change within the union and have their voice heard.  Union representatives are choosen through elections, and members can direct Union efforts through voting on important issues (bargaining contract offers, etc).

United Steelworkers Local #9511 is here for you.

Reach out to your local union steward for more information, or assistance with any workplace concerns you have.

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